What are the conditions of divorce?

BCHMarriage law classifies divorce as infidelity, separation, disappearance, abuse, abandonment, vice, threats to safety, and other conditions that result in the breakdown of a relationship. (1) bigamy or cohabitation of a married person with another person; There are two forms of bigamy: one is the legal bigamy, that is, the couple and others registered marriage. The second is the actual bigamy, that is, the person who has a spouse has not registered marriage with others, but cohabitation with others in the name of husband and wife. Cohabitation of a married person with another person is an illegal act similar to bigamy. In short, bigamy or cohabitation of a married person with another person, if the other party doesADA not forgive, the marriage relationship may be regarded as indeed broken; One party asks divorce, classics mediation is invalid, lawfully adjudicate grant divorce, it is accord with marriage law principle. (2) domestic violence or maltreatment or desertion of a family member; Domestic violence refers to the violence that one of the husband and wife in the family poses a significant threat to the personal security of the other party. The fact is that domestic violence directly infringes on citizens’ personal rights and normal family order, undermines the equal status and harmonious relationship among family members, and affects social stability and unity. Maltreatment refers to the illegal behavior of discriminatingXRP盈幣寶, torturing and destroying family members in the form of act or omission, so that they suffer mental and physical damage, such as beating, threatening, freezing, starvation, illness without treatment, restriction of personal freedom, etc. Abandonment refers to the illegal act that one of the family members has the obligation to support, support and bring up the other party who needs to support, support and bring up the other party. For example, parents do not bring up minor children. Adult children do not support their parents who are unable to work or have difficulties in living; The husband or wife does not have the obligation to support the other. The victims of abuse and abandonment are often the elderly, the sXMR盈幣寶ick and the disabled in the family and those who lack the ability to live independently. Therefore, these illegal ACTS have considerable harm, which destroys the relationship between marriage and family and infringes on the personal and property rights of family members. If one party is maltreated or abandoned by the other party and the request for divorce is filed, the mediation shall be invalid, the relationship between the husband and wife shall be determined to be broken, and the judgment shall grant the divorce. (3) having bad habits such as gambling and drug taking that cannot be cured despite repeated teaching; One party has gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse and other bad habits, often lead to family economicXLM盈幣寶 difficulties, is also one of the causes of domestic violence. Especially drug abuse will lead to drug users nerve anesthesia, unable to control their own behavior and will, may cause a variety of criminal consequences, will seriously harm the relationship between husband and wife. If one party suffers from these bad habits and refuses to change after repeated practice, fails to fulfill family obligations, and it is difficult for the two parties to live together, if the other party files a lawsuit to terminate the marriage relationship, the relationship shall be regarded as broken. After mediation is invalid, a judgment may be made granting divorce. (4) not living apart for two years because of feelings; The applicUSDT盈幣寶ation of this clause must meet four requirements. First, there is the fact that the separation has been completed for two years. Generally, it means that the separation is in a continuous state. Second, the reason for separation is emotional discord, and no other reason. For example, if you divorce on the grounds of mistreatment, you don’t need to consider separation. If there is no other reason, you can divorce after two years of separation. Third, divorce by litigation, not divorce by agreement. Separation is not a condition of divorce. Fourth, it is invalid after mediation. (5) other circumstances leading to the breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife. Basically point to the circumstance that causTRX盈幣寶es marital affection to break apart except above 4 kinds of circumstance. Divorce disputes are quite complicated, and there are many reasons for the breakup of a couple’s relationship. Some of them are caused by family economic problems, children’s problems, support for the elderly and other problems, some of them are caused by personality not to cast, interests, feelings dilution or variation. One party is held criminally responsible, the relationship breaks down due to serious injury to the couple’s relationship, and the relationship crisis is caused by a medical illness that should not be married. (6) if one party is declared missing and the other party initiates divorce proceedings, divorce shall be granted. OnOKB盈幣寶e party is declared missing is a kind of objective existence legal fact, it is to point to husband and wife one party leaves the place of domicile whereabouts is missing to reach certain time limit, people court according to the application of interested person, judgment declares this citizen to be missing person. The following conditions apply for declaring a citizen missing: first, the citizen’s whereabouts are unknown after he leaves his final place of residence; Second, the citizen’s whereabouts must be fully 2 years. Missing person’s domicile of the people’s court accepts the interested party of the application, must be issued in search of the person missing announcement, announcement period for 3 months, the NEO盈幣寶husband and wife missing from one side of the fact that life has been more than 2 years of husband and wife, husband and wife of the rights and obligations for a missing not fulfilled, this will inevitably affect the relationship between time and space. In such a situation, the other party to the divorce proceedings, after the court unilateral mediation invalid, should be regarded as the breakdown of the relationship, the judgment granted divorce. After the court accepts whether to want announcement search, whether to want to be in announcement period expires the one party that the whereabouts is unknown did not answer appeal falls below the circumstance, ability makes judgment, marriage law did not make specific pMOL盈幣寶rovision to this.


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