The secret of the invisible spy weapon

MOL盈幣寶In spy movies, there are times when someone brushes his teeth and then falls dead on the ground with a black eye. This almost theatrical spectacle was indeed staged during the cold war between the United States and the Soviet union. Secret weapoLINK盈幣寶ns used by American and Soviet intelligence agents during the cold war are on display in New York. There are displays of “poison needle launching umbrellas” used by Soviet agents, highly toxic substances disguised as toothpaste, or venomous syriLA盈幣寶nges like COINS. The xiaobian of private detective company thinks, but most conspicuous, probably be a leather shoe that looks like ordinary, what is this shoe mysterious? The shoe is said to have been a gift from a czechoslovak intelligence ageHT盈幣寶nt to the us ambassador in the 1960s, but the us intelligence service found that the heel was bugged. The weapons on display, though used by former intelligence agents, almost all resemble sophisticated spy weapons today, according to people invETH盈幣寶olved in the show.


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